Portable Combustion Gas Analyzer (02, CO, CO2, NO(x), NO2, NO, SO2, H2S, HC/CH4, NH3/HCL) – MR-2800/28000-8-SP – IMR

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Alat untuk mengukur gas buang sisa pembakaran/emisi tak bergerak dari mesin mobil maupun cerobong pabrik.

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Standard Features
●    Portable combustion gas analyzer housed in a rugged aluminum case
●    23 Fuels are programmed – 4 fuels are programmable
●    Automatic zero calibration
●    Integrated self-check program
●    Simultaneous display of 6 parameters on the illuminated display
●    Printer with programmable print out cycles
●    Standard deviation and average value calculation
●    Draft measurement
●    Unit selection : ppm – mg – mg(ref O2)
●    Gas sampling probe E – length 0.8 ft , hose 8 ft
●    Rechargeable battery with charger
●    Power supply 110V or 230V
Optional Features
●    Soot measurement
●    Gas sampling probes with different lengths
●    Prepared for high temperature measurement (up to 2732 °F)