Soil Testing Soil pH & Lime Requirement Kit – SK 100 – Palintest

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Soil pH is the most important single parameter for soil testing, providing not just information about the acidity or alkaline nature of soil but also the availability of key nutrients.

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›    Tablet format reagents – stable for up to 10 years, easy to use and suitable for any field and laboratory use.
›    Each pack contains sufficient reagents for at least 50 tests as standard
›    Available as convenient Combination Packs including both extract and test reagents and also as individual reagent packs
›    Palintest Soil Test Reagents are compatible with  current and previous model Soil Test Kits.                                                                                                                


Visual Testing Hardware  :  Soiltester for soil pH and lime requirement 
Reagents  :  Complete reagent set for 50 soil pH and lime requirement tests
Accessories :  Mini De-ion bottle, soil scoop, crush/stir rod, cuvette brush
Ancillaries  :  Hard case