Wagtech Potaflex – PTW10050 – Palintest

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The Potaflex offers dedicated testing of microbiological water quality in a fixed site laboratory. The incubator features a unique Flexi-rack system that can accommodate a variety of media options. Operators can choose to use either the standard aluminium petri dishes supplied with Wagtech kits that work with MLSB media, or pre-prepared NutriDisks that require less preparation and offer a wide range of bacteria to be enumerated.

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Flexible media options – the FlexiRack System (FRS) supports petri dishes, Nutridisks and dipslides
Comprehensive kit components – includes Membrane Filtration hardware, Coliform Starter Pack and accessories 
Transportable and rugged – provided in a robust, lockable carry case


Temperature Settings  : Adjustable from 20°C – 50°C with user selectable time profiles
Temperature Stability  : ± 0.5°C
User Interface : LCD display with temperature and time remaining display
Weight  : 5 kg
Power Supply : Mains power (110 – 230V AC), external 12V DC battery connection