Wagtech Potatest 2 – PTW10020 – Palintest

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Featuring twin digital incubators this kit is capable of carrying out simultaneous incubation of both Thermotolerant and Total Coliforms.  Custom incubation profiles allow the user to conduct a wider
range of bacteriological parameters.

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Complete indicator organism analysis – determine both Faecal/Thermotolerant and Total Coliforms simultaneously or use a variety of Nutridisks
Convenient kit format – all required items are laid out for ergonomic use and aseptic procedures
Electronic reporting – download incubator data and add colony counts for a complete microbiological report


Potatest2 Incubator
Test Protocols  : 37°C, 44°C, up to 6 user-defined profiles from 20 – 50°C, user selectable time periods for all temperatures, automatic resuscitation period inclusion
Temperature Stability : ± 0.1°C
Temperature Control : Laser-trimmed thermistor pair with automatic temperature validation. 
User Interface : On screen and audible prompts available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese
Data Log : Last five incubation cycles performance report
Connectivity   Micro-USB connection to Windows® and Android devices for data download 
Size (W x L x H) : 110 x 123 x 145mm
Weight : 690g
Power Supply : Replaceable sealed lead acid battery with mains, vehicle and external charging options 
Power Consumption : High thermal efficiency heating system, 5 full cycles from a fully charged battery
Microbiological Capacity : Dual Wagtech® incubator with consumables for 200 tests for Thermotolerant/Faecal Coliforms or Total Coliforms. Optional Nutridisk capability for additional parameters including Faecal Streptococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella and E. coli  
Size (W x L x H) : Single heavy duty field case 555 x 428 x 211mm
Weight : 12 kg