Wastewater Test Kit – PTH8100 – Palintest

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Originally designed for compliance monitoring within the Green Drop Scheme, this is a portable test kit comprising simple-to-use hand-held instrumentation, ideal for ensuring compliance of effluent discharges and for spot monitoring applications. Designed to aid operational monitoring, the kit can also be customised by selecting from over 100 additional Palintest parameters for use with thePhotometer 7500

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  • Customisable photometer for in-situ and rapid measurements of phosphate, nitrate, nitrite and ammonia, using Palintest test methods
  • Waterproof and robust electrochemical meters for measuring critical water quality parameters including pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen
  • All supplied in a hard carrying case suitable for field use, with space for up to four additional photometer reagent packs (PM codes)


Photometer 7500 Specifications:  
Parameters Measured Over 100 parameters and methods available
User-Interface On-screen prompts available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
Results Units g/L, mg/L, ppm, mmol/L, μmol/L
Test Cuvettes Automatic centering for cylindrical cuvettes from 12 – 20mm OD
Micro 800 Specifications:  
Test Range pH -2 – 16, conductivity 0 – 199 mS (autoranging), TDS 0 – 199.9 ppt (autoranging), temperature 0 – 100˚C
Accuracy pH ± 0.01, conductivity ± 1% (full scale) +1 LSD, TDS ± 1% (full scale) +1 LSD, temperature ± 0.3˚C
Size (WxLxH) 190 x 100 x 60 mm
Weight 320g
Power Supply 4x 1.5V AAA batteries (supplied)
Micro 600 Specifications:  
Test Range 0 – 19.99 mg/L (0 – 100% saturation)
Accuracy Accuracy ± 1.5% (full scale)
Size (WxLxH) 157 x 85 x 42 mm
Weight 255g


Part Code Description

Supplied in a hard carrying case comprising: 7500 Photometer, Micro 800 pH/EC meter, Micro 600 DO meter,

all the accessories required including USB lead, glass cuvettes (x5), sample container, 10ml syringe, test tube brush,

crush rods, calibration solutions for pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen, and reagents for 50 tests each of nitrate,

nitrite, phosphate and ammonia tests (with spaces available for additional packs to be included).