ChlordioXense Kit – CS 300 – Palintest

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Chlorine dioxide has a number of advantages as a disinfectant but measurement methods in the field can be difficult to carry out repeatably. The ChlordioXense uses unique disposable sensor technology to remove operator dependence and deliver accurate chlorine dioxide results.

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  • Simple test procedure – fill the sample vessel, insert the sensor and close the lid
  • Results available in less than one minute – no lengthy measurement times
  • Waterproof USB connection – download data without any additional software and upload software updates.


Measuring System Amperometry
Ranges 0 – 50 mg/l chlorine dioxide
Display High clarity LCD with backlight
Connectivity Waterproof USB port
Data Storage 500 results including date, time, test ID and sample ID
Size (WxLxH) and Weight 170 x 126 x 116 mm, 975g (including batteries)
Power Supply 4x AA batteries


Part Code Contents
CS300 ChlordioXense instrument, USB cable, CDX sensors (x100) including calibration chip, glycine solution, sample bottle, stirring rods, Check Standards and instructions. Supplied in a protective shoulder case.
CS190 ChlordioX Check Standards