Combination Photometer Kits Compact Turbimeter/Chlorometer Duo Kit, Hard Case – PTH 7092 – Palintest

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Combine turbidity and Total Suspended Solids with a range of disinfection or nutrient parameters. Perfect for field validation of drinking water treatment, pipework contractors and wastewater compliance monitoring.

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Fast and reliable results within 5 seconds
Unique Quadoptix technology with four individual measurement points for increased reliability
Specifically designed for field use with storage for 1000 results and battery power for approximately 10,000 tests
Variety of operating and reading modes including TSS, Average and Continuous Capture
USB connectivity for power, downloading data and installing software upgrades
IP67 certified with a waterproof USB socket


Measuring System : QuadoptiX™ optical system with two independent 860nm LED 
    sources, ISO 7027 Compliant
Ranges : 0.01 – 1050 NTU
Display : High clarity LCD with backlight
User Interface : Soft key access with English, and Spanish language options
Data Storage : 1000 results including date, time, sample ID, operator ID 
    and mode. Last 12 good calibrations including Operator ID
Size (W x L x H) : 82 x 225 x 50mm, 340 g
Weight : 200 g (including batteries)
Power Supply : 2 x AA batteries or via USB port
Turbimeter Plus, 4 SDVB calibration standards, 4 sample cuvettes, silicone oil, dilution tube,
cleaning cloths, Compact Chlorometer Duo, cuvette brush, crush/stirring rods, 50 tests for free and total chlorine (standard range), 50 tests for chlorine (high range) instructions. Supplied in a hard case.