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–    Capable for data logging and programmable for multiple
–    start/ stop and duration sampling
–    Runs 20+ hours @ 2.0 LPM (37 mm 0.8µ filter)
–    High back pressure compensation, up to 60"" of w.c.@2LPM
–    Accuracy: ± 5% of compensation range
–    high backpressure capability for 25mm 0.45µ asbestos filters
–    Flow compensation for filter plugging and battery voltage
–    dual flow range easily handles impingers, cyclones, and tubes
–    "Auto-restart" within one minute of a flow fault
–    includes single pack battery and run time could be extended
–    with the use of optional triple pack
–    Battery pack rechargeable while attached or separately
–    Compact, Rugged and quiet
–    Stainless steel belt clip with built-in tripod connector
–    Key pad lock system